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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

be happy!

Hello dear Reader,
take yourself time to be happy!

You are a living miracle,
real on this earth!
You are unique, inimitable & distinctive!

Is that in your head?
Why are you not astonished?
Why are you unable to admire?
Are you not happy with yourself
and with all the others around?

Do you take it for granted to be alive?
Appears it naturally to you
to get time to sing and dance
and time to be happy?

Why should you waste your time with mindless money-hunt?
Why should you distress yourself in heaps about the things of tomorrow and ahead?

Why should you squabble, bore another?
Why should you live in mindless hustle?
Why should you sleep when the sun shines?

You should take time to be happy!

Time isn’t a highway between cradle and grave,
but a place to park in the sun!

Live today!
Smile today!
Be happy today!
Unchain your heart!

Your zest for life and your luck
don’t have to be addicted to
thousand and one nothingness...

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