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Saturday, April 24, 2010

.today's advise.

hey ladies n gentleman..:-)

remember, I am always here if you need something. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you let people know how you feel before you lose the chance to. Never forget the feelings of others, or of yourself. Admire nature. Create stories out of the curves of trees. Don't worry about growing up because if you do, you'll miss your past. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Never forget to remember. Never criticize or judge. Admit your flaws. You'll mess up, you'll disappoint, you'll be a hypocrite, you'll feel like you don't meet standards, you'll feel ugly, you'll feel fat, you'll feel unloved, you'll feel annoying, you'll feel sorry, you'll feel worthless. But you'll always feel accomplished, you'll feel beautiful, you'll feel loved, you'll feel talented, you'll feel thankful, you'll feel worth something.  Do wrong to no one."

1)You need people in your life, so you must always forgive and forget.
2) Don't forget love when you need it the most.
3)Don't neglect your friends, cause they'll treat you the same
4)Don't say you mean it, if you don't
5) End it before someone gets hurt
6) Don't overreact, or don't get in that situation
7) Everyone makes mistakes.
8) Don't stay if your being hurt
9)Again, don't lead people on.  

"...I'm not a potty-mouth..I just love COLOURFUL words..."

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